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Give a voice to cars, home, rhino, molecule, lamps, cosmos, land

our style

When the Digital
Galaxy meets
The Physical Universe

our new look
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our purpose

Make things come alive,
this is our dream,
and we are committed
to making it nothing
less than a reality

Our story

our brand center

We give life
to our new
brand design


our new look

The butterfly logo
is symbolic of our
origins as well as
our future

We developed
a design language to bring
our vision to life

  • The Sigfox logotype
  • Sigfox Butterfly
    The "flive"
  • The living rings

A simple icon,
but rich in meaning

The butterfly is directly derived from the logotype
Sigfox. If you look closer, you’ll see more than
a beautiful budding insect.
The Sigfox logo combined the mathematical purity
of geometric forms with the friendly, and approachable
style. Our new logotype is set in a custom, geometric
sans-serif typeface and maintains the multi-colored
of our logotype.

The butterfly is a strong
symbol of transformation
and freedom

We believe in the ‘butterfly effect’,
which states that even very small,
seemingly insignificant things can trigger
monumental effects on a global scale.

At Sigfox we are well on
our way to defining,
modeling and enabling
interactions between
the physical and digital worlds.

It goes far beyond simply creating the world
around us in digital format by actually giving
a voice and a life to this physical world.
Our technology will awake every object, every
piece of dust, every molecule and atom.

With the continued miniaturisation of sensors
and advances in technology, mankind will reach
a state where it will be possible to ensure
a continuous flow of data and awareness with
everything connected.

We enable an invisible and a seamless experience
of life unlocking the true potential
of The Internet of Things.

New colors

Colors are the full spectrum of the logotype.
We pushed the vibrancy of the blue and purple to have
a spectrum living and digital.
  • Light Blue
  • Our
  • Purple
  • Dark blue

The living

These rings symbolize the two spheres we live
in – our physical and digital worlds.
Although we fluidly move back and forth between these
two worlds, they often interlock. And when they do, this
intersection forms a powerful ecosystem that’s
perfectly geared to serve humankind.

Brand expression


our values

We want to breathe
new life into
the physical world

Be simple

No matter how sophisticated technology may be, it can
only truly progress when it’s proven to make people’s
lives easier. Driven by a genuine passion to enhance the
way we live and communicate, Sigfox strives to create
ultra-intuitive communication solutions that enhance
our partners’ products and systems,
and ultimately democratize the IoT for all.

Be pioneer

We don’t just wait around to see where the next trend
will come from, or who’s doing what.
We strive to be a leading brand in the IoT, and one that
people will grow to trust and admire.
We will continue exploring, inventing and pioneering in
this world we’ve been building. When people think
about the IoT, we want them to think about Sigfox.

Be passionate

We strongly believe that the IoT will bring positive
change to the world, and we think it will happen within
the next 10 years. But we refuse to be passive
spectators in this revolution. We are passionate doers –
pioneers – striving to unlock the power of the IoT.
We’ve already started and we won’t slow down.

our values

Make things come alive,
this is our dream,
and we are committed
to making it nothing
less than a reality


We are not just rolling out antennas; we are energy
capturers listening as a worldwide radio telescope.
Leveraging the power of a mere signal can have
an incredibly strong and positive impact on many
of the critical issues we face.
Imagine that this power replaces objects batteries.
Imagine that this power simplifies pairing.
Imagine that this power could turn every living
object into low energy antenna and make them
communicate on their own.
Our vision is to create these new types
of communication. Enticing, isn’t it?


Openness describes our technology as well as our brand
spirit. It’s a core value that we emanate in numerous
ways, like providing our protocol free of charge – a
business model that results in a rich and co-promoted
ecosystem of partners.
On a wider scale, openness reflects our willingness to
offer easy access to knowledge and information and to
promote a collaborative approach among people and
partners, whether at the project-level, through events
or in communications.


It’s about recognizing opportunities early. It’s about
making great things even greater. Ever since we
embarked on the Sigfox adventure, we’ve been
disrupting the communications industry and
pushing traditional providers to rethink their IoT
strategies. As the first company to deploy a reliable
worldwide operated IoT-dedicated network, we’re
enabling all types of industries to leverage
affordable, energy-efficient sensors – and in
surprising new ways that genuinely enhance the way
we live.